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NMS CARES Launched Football Clinic

BAGUIO CITY, PHILIPPINES — In pursuit of the company’s mission and vision, New Media Services (NMS), via its flagship corporate social responsibility division NMS CARES (Commitment And Responsibility in Establishing Social development) is pleased to announce the inaugural kickoff of “Just For Kicks: NMS CARES Football Clinic” on October 9-11, 2012 at Benguet State University Football Field, La Trinidad, Benguet.

The partnership with PILCD will center on its Community-based Adult Learning and Development program to address the needs of youths who have very limited or no education experience, integrating sports, specifically football, as a platform for learning. The integration of a football training program aims to boost the quality of learning outcome of the out of school youths, especially in promoting leadership, team spirit, camaraderie, healthy lifestyle and well-being in a physically and mentally stimulating platform.

The 3-day football clinic will feature learners of the Balik Paaralan (Back to School) for Out of School Youths and Adults (BPOSA). It will be facilitated by Coach Frael Aquino of BSU FC, interspersed with workshops and activities for reflection and group learning, to be conducted by NMS employees, to further build self-esteem, cooperation, team work, promote healthy lifestyle and teach the ‘science and math’ of football.

“This is our way of giving back to the community as a company, and to appreciate what we have,” said NMS CEO Martin Eyking. HR Executive Manager Jennifer Francisco, the head of the program, also added that this initiative will “not only help the out-of-school youth participant train them for life skills” but “also help our employees appreciate the value of life” itself.


Making it big in mobile – Taking Advantage of the Mobile Trends in 2013: An InfoGraphic


Simplest and Most Common Web Design Mistakes Small Businesses Make: Infograph

Social Media Marketing Trends

Modern social media marketing deals with three major shifts: quality online interaction, content or post promotion, and mobile advertising techniques. Businesses provide consumers/customers/visitors with quality interaction or experience. Customer support and site interactivity have gone a notch higher. Businesses are no longer interested in building a huge online networking without active members. Businesses also invest in content promotions. Sponsored reviews, recommended stories, and in-text advertising are trending in the market after these new strategies were proven to be as effective as the traditional banner ads. With the rise of internet-enabled phones, businesses are also building mobile sites and launching mobile advertisements. Mobile ad strategies are rapidly growing and are considered as the future of marketing and branding.


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NMS Call Center Gets CRM, Adds Opt-Out Call Feature

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Providing Excellent Customer Service: A White Paper

Providing Excellent Customer Service: A White Paper

Customer service can make or break any company. It is fundamental to a profitable growth. Those who have mastered it, succeed. Those who haven’t, struggle. In today’s tough economic climate where customers have more choices than ever before, companies should not overlook the important aspect of customer satisfaction. Expectations are higher, and unless they are  satisfied, clients may take their business elsewhere.


Simplest and Most Common Web Design Mistakes Small Businesses Make

Simplest and Most Common Web Design Mistakes Small Businesses Make

Web presence is one of the most essential facets of a small business nowadays. It lets the business owner expand his coverage without much hurting his pockets. However, many small businesses fall to the trap of not caring too much about their website after the initial set-up. This list of common mistakes made by small business websites clearly illustrates why a small business owner should invest some money into having their website created by a professional. A website is not a postcard; rather it is an interactive sales professional and an asset for your company. Many times when a person visits your website, it is your company’s only chance to convert them into a paying customer. Take full advantage of the power and value a properly constructed small business website can give your company.


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User Generated Content Moderation


Executive Summary

In 2006, Time Magazine named ―You‖ as its Person of the Year, bringing even more attention to the new social phenomenon of engaging consumers in the creation and submission of content of all types. From Super Bowl ads to personal profiles, consumers are now participating side by side with companies to create User Generated Content (UGC) sites. The power of these sites can be significantly diminished by negative or divisive submissions from that small percentage of consumers who can ruin an experience for everyone. This white paper will discuss the pros and cons of moderating UGCs, together with some moderating insights, in line with brand reputation management and business income generation.

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