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New Media Services offers programming and coding, and web content services, to help increase the quality and entertainment value of a website as well as boosting its traffic for success.

We provide website content of all forms depending on the requested content-type from general website text, product descriptions, service descriptions, terms and conditions, privacy policies, press releases, newsletters, blogs and SEO articles.

mobile content

LOOP Inbox Platform

A powerful messaging platform for offline emails or messagesDownload PDF…



mobile content

LOOP MoBiGo Platform

An effective mobile business acquisition platformDownload PDF…



mobile content

Poll It Platform

A polling platform that is geared towards website service providersDownload PDF…



mobile content

Social Affair Platform(SAP)

A full-featured, customizable and ready to use dating platform.Download PDF…



mobile content


Guard your brand’s online presence with BrandSeekDownload PDF…



mobile content


Track, document and monitor your business online with PostMaster.Download PDF…



mobile content

Administrative Platforms

Create, facilitate and organize your business’ internal processes.Download PDF…


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